Our Iconoclasts

Hello, Hero represents Iconoclasts, not influencers. The brands we work with understand that social capital is a currency that can be leveraged to support the brand, and in the same breath, support the art and/or activism of the Iconoclast.

Our Iconoclasts have large networks, digitally and on the ground where they interact with their followers and community on a daily basis. Hello, Hero offers untapped social currency, original content creation, access to exclusive artist communities and the opportunity to foster social activism. They are the culture engineers, agitators, and gatekeepers of urban expression and social change.

Hello, Hero aims to filter monetary resources into the art and activism community to uplift and give voices to those who need them. We want to create a social media landscape where brands are working with our Iconoclasts along parallel lines to authenticate the flow of culture and be the supporters of a creatively activated vanguard.

Social consciousness is the next iteration of influence and brand/audience alignment. The Iconoclast ethos is synonymous with deep, qualitative brand engagement with a reach that speaks to a new audience and energizes your existing one.

Hello, Hero is the only agency that can connect your brand with explosive, authentic and radical disruption by positioning you as socially conscious, progressive and boldly relevant.